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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hoping for a big flush.  Then I would feel more comfortable entering long as shorts cover (buying) resulting in rising prices.  We are slightly in oversold territory so we may not see the flush.  The following are just ideas (I may or may not enter depending on other factors).  Any positions will be smaller.  Green arrows is where I think the stock could go.  Of course I will not be holding that long.

 AAPL bounced off 200 DMA (red line).  Shorts may cover here resulting in a buying opportunity.  Might see 625-640.
 ALXN at support.  May bounce
 AMZN.  Look at the tail on this thing. 
 CVI - nice flag for possible long.
 GOOG - may bounce.
 MLNX - like it as a bounce setup.  Hit 200DMA.
 PCLN - like as a short.  In channel.  Target green arrow if breaks 554ish.
  QCOR - nice low volume bounce into resist at green arrow.  Like as a short.

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